Material Models for Simulations

Modeling material behavior is a crucial step in the simulation of a manufacturing process or product performance.

We provide calibrated material models to be used with FEM software


FEM algorithms and simulations have matured to a state where the biggest hurdle is the lack of material models.

The multi-scale aspects of phase transformation and deformation mechanisms make the modeling of material behavior very complex. Most FEM packages have only simple models implemented in their libraries.

We provide state-of-the-art material models for the production and performance of metallic components.

What we do

Safe Light

SafeLight is a library of models for material failure based on stress tri-axiality that can capture the post-buckling behavior, including the element size and thickness dependency.

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Phases is a library of models for predicting the microstructure (grain size, precipitation, phase composition, plastic strain, and damage evolution) during hot/cold forming.

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GMoP (Generic Modeling Platform) is a material modeling platform that enables quick parameter estimation of material models by calibrating with experiments.

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